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Continuing the Fight

The fight about Brain Tumours and the effects they have on patients and their families continues; from the efforts of many individuals and many charitable groups.

On Tuesday 20th November Brain tumour patients and their families were joined by MPs, academics, and health professionals to welcome the launch of Brain Tumours – a cost too much to bear?’ – the final report of an Inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours (APPGBT) into the economic and social impacts of this devastating disease.

The report was launched at a meeting of the APPGBT. More than 70 people packed the Westminster room to learn more about the Inquiry’s findings and to hear from speakers who contributed.

The Inquiry’s key findings reveal that brain tumour patients are faced with an additional impact, a financial burden of, on average, £14,783 per year – double that of all cancers.

Brain tumours are also costly to the wider economy. For example, the economic costs of brain tumours among working age people have been estimated at £578 million per year.

The report outlines a series of recommendations aimed at improving outcomes for patients and their families. Through our work with the APPGBT, we will strive to ensure implementation of these recommendations and keep you updated on our progress.

Read the full report here: http://bit.ly/2qW5hfZ